If you are looking for tips related to feeding and reputed food brands for your furry friend then you are into right direction as when I brought my little kids  Bruno and Chia we used to spend  several hours  reading about pet food to find best for them and making sure that they  eat healthy and along with  it ,food should be tasty too to keep their tongue and stomach happy .

There are uncountable pet food brands but one which is recommended by pet food bloggers and some of my known pet owners is Chewy as they have varieties and large options for all types of animals and birds .They also have different category stores for different kinds of animals  to make our search easy and they always have deals available to provide us best prices and there services are also commendable. Though mostly all the brands offer their best. If you are looking for pet food for your baby, once check out at Chewy along with product description they also provide product nutrition details and making it simple for us they also mention feeding instructions so that we can feed properly. Some are more informational and drier, while others share information with a bit of humour mixed in this food.
It is said by many reputed doctors and pet owners that October is Pet Obesity Awareness month, so we should keep a bit more focus on them in these months so that that we can keep a little more check about their health and what and how much they are eating.

Animals play an  important role in the lives of most families who opt to keep pet  and trust me if you spend time with your pet you create a special bond with them and it can really help us bringing a happiness in our life even when we are having  depressed life and stressful day  they helps you get your mood refreshed in a small time .

Pet Care is not an easy task as we know they cannot speak and tell what they want and what they will like we just have to understand it all by their behavior by their actions and activities and when I looks at pet care market referring to pet care I means everything that is food, supplements, grooming products , treats food ideas , toys, beds, accessories and even technology based products for pet care. Being an owner of pet, I can tell you that just like we check ingredients when we buy food or personal care products for our self just like that healthy ingredients in pet food have become a massive trend in the pet industry.

In current scenario pets are becoming our family members and there’s a high demand in market for hotels and restaurants that allow pets through their doors. By this we can see how important pets are becoming in our life and looking at this pet food industry is more focused to provide best food options for our little friends along with large no. of varieties and there are brands which are launching new products every month. No doubt pet food industry is working hard to bring out wide range of products for a wide range of pets as we all want to offer balanced style nutrition for our little kids.

Speaking about health care of our little friends I would suggest to my readers that just like regular check-up are important for we human they are important for them as well as reputed pet doctors says that By taking our pet to see doctor on regular basis they  are better able to detect diseases and other conditions that don’t even  shows symptom but can be harmful later so  and can put pet’s health at risk if left untreated. Regular wellness care is not just humans but for pets too and everyone should follow this for healthy life of our furry friends.

My post favourite Pet food brand is Chewy it is offering a huge range of pet foods, medicines, toys, treats and accessories. The first thing I noticed is their emphasis on customer support as they are providing 24x7chat facility I Actually understood that employee advocacy is something the brand works hard at with a focus on great employee conditions designed to inspire great customer service. I have a friend working in pet food industry and in an event, I interacted with her team members they told me that while deciding about any pet food they must think about their customers behaviour and pets as if they are their own pets and family because feeding them right is very important for their happiness as when they will be happy we will surely feel happy.